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Crawford Company Receives Thank you Letter from 3M

January 20, 2016

ROCK ISLAND, IL - Crawford Company has received a thank you letter from the Plant Manager at 3M Cordova.

"As you may already know, 3M Cordova experienced the failure of a key piece of equipment about a month ago which took down a portion of our manufacturing operations. Your team, lead locally by Mr. Joe Tischer rose to the occasion in terms of leadership, dedication and innovation in this complicated and urgent repair. 

The timelessness in response and expertise of Terry Cahill in conjunction with Tri-Clor provided us a clear path of repair immediately following the failure. This ultimately led to the successful repair of the equipment ahead of our projected recovery time. 

In addition to this initial support, your onsite team which supports 3M Cordova daily including , Joe Tischer, Bill Vastine, Carl Christensen and Sam Gale provided services that were both professional and well executed, which I appreciate and represented Crawford Company well.

I would like to specifically mention Joe Tischer in this note and recognize Joe for his dedication and leadership. I understand that Joe was called on several occasions to provide support on this project when he was not at the plant and I both recognize and appreciate his personal sacrifice of time to this recovery effort. 

Most importantly, we successfully completed this challenging project with no injuries or incidents. The Crawford team played an instrumental role in helping us meet this critical objective. 

Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further."

- Mike Sherick, 3M Cordova - Plant Manager