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Quad Cities Water Softener Installation

Crawford Company offers BrassMaster Water Softeners and PIONEER™ Whole-House Lead Removal Systems for residential and commercial applications. Trust Crawford Company and our licensed plumbers to install your water softener and/or lead removal system. These systems can be installed separately or together by our licensed plumbers. We will evaluate your homes' water quality by performing on site testing to determine your water softener needs. 

How do I know if I need a water softener

If you have noticed mineral deposits around your faucets and shower heads, you could benefit from a water softener. Hard water is caused by mineral deposits in your water supply. Hard water not only causes unsightly depositing, but it also means that your water isn't tasting it's best. It also causes issues when showering or washing laundry and dishes.

Should I install a water softener in my home?

A water softener is an investment in your home and high quality water. Soft water tastes better than hard water. Hard water also fails to clean properly. If you're showering with hard water, you might start to notice dry skin.

This is caused by soaps not fully lathering. When this happens, the soap doesn't truly wash off of your body and creates dry skin. It also creates deposits on your dishes and doesn't clean them efficiently. The same applies for your laundry.

Benefits of soft water

  • Protects plumbing systems by reducing hard water, scale and lime buildup
  • Saves energy by reducing scaling - less scaling can improve the efficiency of your hot water heater
  • Save money by using less detergent - cleaning with soft water requires less detergent to be used
  • Soft water reduces spotting on dishes and faucets
  • Metered system will only recharge when it needs to based off of water usage

What is in your water? To learn more, click here.

Does installing a water softener clean pipes?

Water softeners help to undo the damage done by the effects of hard water. Over time, as hard water is used, it builds up mineral deposits in your water pipes. If not treated, these deposits will continue to build and can effect your water pressure. Installing a water softener halts mineral buildup and helps to prevent further damage to your pipes.


Multimax grouping 0122BrassMaster Water Softeners

Public and private water systems commonly have hardness which is often comprised of calcium and magnesium (along with iron). Left untreated, these minerals can disrupt laundering and bathing, while causing significant scale buildup in fixtures, appliances and plumbing systems. BrassMaster water softeners use the process of "ion exchange" to effectively remove these undesirable minerals resulting in clean, conditioned water, great for washing and bathing- and protection for plumbing systems and equipment

BrassMaster water softeners feature an electronic control module and interval regeneration. All models include APM™ (assured performance module) which is designed to reduce salt consumption. BrassMaster offers a 5 year warranty on the tank/head. 

PIONEER™ Lead Removal System

Pioneer lead removal system 2Lead can enter drinking water when service lines that contain lead corrode. Until it was banned in new home construction in 1986, more than 70% of cities in the US were using lead-based products for conveying water. PIONEER™ Whole-House Lead Removal Systems can successfully remove heavy metals such as lead. It also removes and/or reduces chlorine, chloramine and other harmful contaminants in your water. The filtration system is installed where the water lines enter your home or business. The PIONEER™ system houses a strategically designed nominal 0.5-micron filter to remove BOTH forms of lead (soluble and particulate) from your house in a single filter. 

>>Water Softener and Lead Removal Brochure

Crawford Company offers financing for residential and small commercial projects. To learn more, click the link below. 

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