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Crawford Residential Electrical Services

Crawford Company has been bringing high quality services to the Quad Cities citizens for over 65 years. Now with our Electrical Division, we can offer the best residential electrical services. Our services come with expert knowledge, at a competitive rate. 

Electrical Safety Is Our Priority

Our electricians hold your home and personal safety in high regard. All of our techs have undergone extensive professional safety training. You can count on our professionalism and skilled craftsmanship. Proper electrical wiring and grounding is essential to a safe home. If you are having serious safety concerns about your home electrical system, it's best to just call the experts.

Home Electrical Services

When your house was built, has a lot to do with it's electrical capabilities. Older homes may lack the electrical circuits required to run some of today's ultra modern smart home amenities. You can trust our electricians to thoroughly assess your houses electrical capabilities and help you make the right choices. Whether it's installing new wiring, or finding out why some of your outlets aren't working, we're here to help.

Existing Electrical System Maintenance

Even the best houses have electrical problems. The question is, what are those problems, and what are the cause of them? Do you have short in your wiring or is it a problem at the outlet? Is the wiring in your kitchen and bathroom up to code with GFCI outlets? What do you do to replace non-grounded outlets in an older home? Are you looking to build an addition or make changes to your garage? Here are some common problems and projects for your existing or new electrical system:


  • Lighting fixtures not working
  • Replacing overhead lighting with ceiling fans
  • Exterior Accent Lighting, Security Lighting, and landscape lighting


  • Non-functioning outlets
  • Breakers & fuses overloading
  • Installing GFCI outlets near water sources
  • Replacing two prong outlets in older homes
  • Meeting power needs of new appliances

Appliances and Air Flow

  • Installing Appliance Circuits
  • Ceiling Fan Install & Maintenance
  • Exhaust Fans

Electrical Safety

  • Electrical code updates
  • Breaker upgrades & replacements
  • Safety inspections

Communication, Entertainment & Smart Home

  • Low voltage electrical work

Standby Home Generator Service

Crawford Company offers installation of standby home generators. Our Electrical and Plumbing teams will work together for a complete project. Our Plumbing Division installs the gas piping that fuels the generator, and our Electrical Division takes care of the rest. 

Preventative Maintenance- Standby Home Generators

We offer preventative maintenance agreements for standby home generators. The preventative maintenance is performed once per year at a rate of $180.00. 

Services include: 

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Electrical supply verification
  • Start battery test and verification
  • Overall system analysis and operational inspection

Crawford electricians will talk with you about your needs and concerns and provide expert level work for your home.

Contact Crawford Residential Electrical

Let us know how we can help you with any of your electrical needs or concerns!


I appreciate your expertise discussing my air conditioning project and our little doodles on paper for the finer points and needs. I enjoyed the personal attention to detail. I was impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of engineering, organizing, timing and installation. I'm so glad that we still have union contractors that know how to do things right. As you know I have worked 37 years thru the IBEW # 145. On larger projects we would be assigned a "tool buddy" to work in the same area and help each other when needed. The reason I mention this is because Jeff O'Leary is the kind of journeyman I would choose to work with. He is polite, calm, well-spoken and knowledgeable. Of course an HVAC system is not a kit. It is a custom installation. Jeff made it easy to discuss the finer points and the installation as needed. I enjoyed the experience and I am very pleased with the outcome. The air is fresh and clean and easy to breath.

Darryl Stebel