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Quad Cities Welded Fabrication Services

Crawford's Specialty Welded Fabrication Division has played an integral role in the corporate structure since 1985. The majority of this work has been implemented by Crawford's team of specialty welders.

Crawford works in many industries and environments. Many of these projects are of stainless steel fabrication for a number of material handling, control panels, work stands, and many other support products for the manufacturing process.

The primary focus of our fabricators is to provide solutions for our customer's unique applications, from design phase to delivery. Our craftsmen specialize in working with a wide array of materials to suit your needs. In the manufacturing field, we routinely fabricate prototypes, produce parts, and build sub-assemblies. Our capabilities include a full range of fabrication applications on materials up to 3/4" plate. Heavier materials are available through outsource services.

Other regularly performed services for customers include prototype fabrication, parts production, and sub-assemblies for manufactured products. The company also welcomes other varied requests related to this field. The Specialty Welded Fabrication Division may be summarized in four general categories: Food Processing Projects, Environmental Control, Ventilation Systems, and Special Projects. This division also works closely with Crawford's Custom Architectural Products.

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Specialty Fabrication Quick Facts


  • Cybermation 700 Plasma Cutting System
  • Whitney 647A CNC/Panelmaster Program Punch
  • 18' x 250-ton Press Brake (Accupress)
  • 6' x 130-ton Press Brake (Accupress)
  • 12' x 250-ton Press Brake (Piranha) 
  • 12' x 130-ton Press Brake (Cincinnati) 
  • *New* Balliu LD Laser, 3500-watt, Dual Beds: 60"x120"
  • Balliu Laser, 2000-watt, Dual Beds: 78"x157"
  • Balliu Laser, 2000-watt, Dual Beds: 60"x120"
  • Cincinnati Laser CL707, 2500-watt, Dual Beds: 72"x144"
  • 10' x 1/4" Stainless Steel Shear
  • Whitney Duplicating Punch
  • 4' x 14-Gauge Power Roll
  • 5' x 10-Gauge Power Roll
  • 6' x 1/2" thick plate Power Roll
  • And much more!


  • Architectural Products
  • Chutes
  • Conveyors
  • Custom Projects (Stainless, Aluminum, Black Iron, Galvanized)
  • Environmental Control
  • Food Processing
  • High-Temp. Applications, including Hastelloy and Inconel
  • Mixers
  • Production Forming
  • Stacks
  • Tanks
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Work Platforms
  • Gutters and Downspouts

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I am writing to acknowledge the quality serviceman employed by Crawford Co. I am a 65-year-old woman whose husband was out of town. I came home at eleven p.m. with the temperatures at minus nine degrees to a broken furnace. The house was at 59 degrees and I didn’t have a clue what to do. I called my husband who walked me through a couple of simple options to try to jump start the furnace. When that failed, he suggested I call Crawford. Thankfully, a serviceman called me back. I didn’t want him to come out again in the cold, so I asked him if he could talk me through a possible easy fix. He tried so patiently to help me and then decided it would be best for him to come to the house. As grateful as I was he was willing to drive from DeWitt, I was nervous about having a stranger come to the house in the middle of the night. (Old ladies worry about that.) First and foremost, when you call Crawford you can be sure of quality service, I know that. The young man, Drew, came promptly to the house and handled the situation as you would expect him to do. What was exemplary was his understanding of my upset and was pleasant, confident, capable and very reassuring. In the middle of the bitterly cold night, this man explained what he was doing in “my” terms, totally repaired and cleaned the furnace, checked flues outside and made me feel safe and warm. Those are things that company training cannot instill in a person. I thank Crawford for employing this man and I thank Drew for helping me when I was most upset. My hope is that he would be recognized and rewarded for his abilities to do his job, but also his kindness and understanding of people.

Julie Sweeney