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Veteran’s Day Featured: Crawford’s Alex Deitrich

November 10, 2015

ROCK ISLAND, IL - Crawford Company recognizes and thanks employee Alex Deitrich, and all Veterans, for service to our country on Veteran's Day. Deitrich is in his second year in the company's Fabrication Division. He is a first year apprentice with the Sheet Metal Worker's Union 91. 

"Alex is versatile in and out of the field. He fits in, does a great job for us and is a hard worker," Shop Foreman Rich McKown said. "He is very respectful. He definitely is above average with his MIG and TIG welding and improving every day."

Deitrich said his military experience taught him respect, responsibility, leadership skills, teamwork, and resilience. 

"I want to learn everything welding, residential, decorative work," Deitrich said. "I want to be as well rounded as possible."

Deitrich has served in the Army Reserves for nine years. His current commitment is for two weeks per year and one weekend per month. He served two tours in Afghanistan with his Des Moines based unit. He served a 12-month tour in 2010-11 and a 9-month tour in 2012-13. He also received a Purple Heart for his service in Afghanistan.

"I actually applied to work at Crawford when I was in Afghanistan," Deitrich said. "An opening came up in the Fabrication Division, I talked to Keith (Gerks), the division manager, and everything lined up."

Deitrich says the small things, like a simple thank you or handshake, mean a lot to Veterans.