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Plumbing Division Featured on WHBF News

February 17, 2014

It just keeps happening. There are constant water main breaks, and frozen pipes throughout the Quad Cities.

But, even in the middle of winter, it's not too late to take steps to make sure your home doesn't become a frozen tundra.

So many pipes throughout the area have frozen and burst for similar reasons.

"So far in the Quad Cities areas we've had about 70 water main breaks in January and February and that is about a 10% increase for the numbers for the same period," said Lisa Reisen, with the Iowa American Water.

But why are there so many this year?

"Weather plays a factor and when the frost is going into the fall as well as the spring the pipes aren't very flexible and a weak spot in a metal pipe the ground is shifting around it's going to burst," said Reisen.

For some residents, even living in an apartment doesn't mean avoiding the problem.

"When they start telling you to keep your bathroom shut so you can even keep the bathroom to keep the pipes warm you start worrying about what else do I have to do to keep up with everything," said Davenport resident Samantha Simmons.

Here are the basic things everyone can do:

  • Make sure to turn your facet on and let the water trickle
  • Keep the doors inside your house open including the cabinet doors that may be near pipes
  • And keep the heat around 70 degrees especially on really cold days

"Maintain your heat furnace if properly maintained even if your not at home , just having your home warn is your for not having your pipes freeze," said Adam Issacscon of the Crawford Company.