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Keeney Named Manager at Crawford Brewing

December 7, 2013

Robert Keeney has been promoted to Manager of Crawford Company’s Brewing Equipment Division. Keeney has helped grow the new division, which has now recognized sales in four states. Keeney helps support sales efforts, design, engineering, and project management for Crawford Brewing.

Crawford’s equipment provides micro-brewers with functional and aesthetically pleasing equipment Made in the USA. Typical product offerings include: Stainless Steel Steam Fired Brewhouse, Steam Heated Mash Tun, Brew Kettles, Hot Liquor Tank, Brewing Platform, Keg Washer, Pumps, Valves, Heat Exchanger, Controls, and Fermenters. Crawford offers standard and customized systems made to order, including installation and technical support. Crawford's team also provides start-up assistance, if needed, for the initial batches of brewing. Additional information is located at