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Crawford Featured in Channel 4 News Story

September 16, 2014

It may be hard to believe, but it's already time to prepare your home for colder temperatures. There are things you can do now to make it easier when the white stuff begins to fall. 
Heating companies are already busy doing inspections on homes to make sure all heating appliances are working properly long before you need it. 

"We're in the Midwest we never know when the temperatures..the weather is going to change," said Brian Bausch/Project Manger Crawford Company. 

The Crawford Company is already busy making the rounds, and getting homes ready. 

"People should be interested in having their furnace inspected, especially if they have an older system,"
 said Baush. 

That means making sure it turns on and changing the filters. 

"Our inspectors technician will come in and check for carbon monoxide they also would tune up the system," said Baush.

And the homeowner can also help before the inspection. 

"The homeowner on their own can check their filters on the newer homes with the higher efficiency when they have vents outside the house they can check if there is any leaves in the vent or in the exhaust," said Bausch. 

Experts recommend checking smoke detectors and thermostat batteries then letting the technicians do the rest. 

"They inspect your furnace, they clean it if there is any rust deposits to clean all of those out of the burners if there is a thermal cut on it they will replace that and they will check the operations and make sure its doing what it's supposed to do for the winter season," said Baush.

And doing it now will ensure you won't have to wait for warmth when you really need it. 

"When it gets really cold then we do have people they are on a waiting list so this is the time to do it ," said Baush.