Crawford Cares for Our Community

Crawford Company periodically promotes contests with prizes and awards within the Quad Cities and Dubuque communities. Over the last 5 years, Crawford Company has sponsored 14 giveaways, with prizes ranging from tankless water heaters to furnaces and air conditioners. 

Crawford Contest Winners:

  • 2017, Chill into Summer Giveaway, Dyannae Ruser
  • 2016, Crawford Cares (Crawford North): Special Spaces Dubuque
  • 2016, Spread the Warmth Giveaway: Diane Lathrop
  • 2016, Crash My Bath Giveaway: Ashley Wright
  • 2016, Crawford North Cooldown Giveaway: Amy Fautsch
  • 2015, Crawford Cares (Crawford North): Dubuque Tri-State Share
  • 2015, Warm Up To Winter Bryant Furnace Giveaway: Chad Mallum
  • 2015, Moen MotionSense Faucet Giveaway: Katie York
  • 2015, Crash My Bath Giveaway: Heather Dennis
  • 2014, Crawford Cares (Crawford North): Hospice of Dubuque
  • 2014, Bryant Cooldown AC Giveaway: Rev. Kathleen Thomas
  • 2014, AO Smith Tankless Water Heater: Cheryl Goodwin
  • 2013, Bryant Cooldown AC Giveaway: Russell Malin
  • 2013, Bryant True Hero Award: Quad City Animal Welfare Center

Spread the Warmth Giveaway

Crawford Company and Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems have teamed up for the Spread the Warmth Giveaway. One lucky winner will be awarded one Bryant furnace, Bryant Housewise™ Wi-Fi® thermostat, professional installation and removal of your existing system. Total prize value up to $4,250.00.  

Winner to be announced soon!