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Deere-Wiman House

Crawford Division: Mechanical
Client: William Butterworth Foundation
Challenge: Provide mechanical upgrade
Solution: Crawford installed one commercial boiler, condensate feed tank and condensate receiver.

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Project Summary:
Crawford Company’s Mechanical Division performed work for the William Butterworth Foundation on the Deere-Wiman House and Butterworth Center properties. The mechanical upgrade for the Deere-Wiman House property included the removal of the existing 1970’s Kewanee boiler. Crawford installed a new Burnham CIL-40 1355 MBTU boiler, as well as a new condensate feed tank and condensate receiver. In the Butterworth Center’s utility tunnel, Crawford’s team replaced the steam and condensate mains.

From William Butterworth Foundation:
The Deere-Wiman House and Carriage House are owned and operated by the William Butterworth Foundation in Moline, IL. The property was originally owned and developed by Charles Deere, the only surviving son of John Deere. Charles Deere and his descendants lived in the property 102 years before it became part of the Foundation.

Built in 1872, with major additions and renovations in 1899, 1910, and 1917, the mansion tells the story of four generations of the innovative Deere family. In addition to tours that share the Deere Family story, the house also serves as a community center.

It is essential to have consistent, reliable heat to the mansion due to community use, historical integrity, and to protect the original artifacts inside. At one time, there were two functional boilers that served the house. Over time, one failed and was used to provide parts for its twin.

A MidAmerican energy audit was conducted in 2016, which coincided with Foundation staff researching the scope of what would become the Deere-Wiman House Heating Project. In the end, the Foundation decided to replace a boiler, the feed system, and condensate pump.

Crawford Company was invited to bid on the project because they were identified as an approved contractor by MidAmerican. They were awarded the contract and work began in late-2017. The project was completed just before the end of 2017.



Ruhl & Ruhl Property Management wants to thank everyone at Crawford Company. You are always kind, gracious and quick to respond. It is greatly appreciated.

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