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Crawford Wins 2011 Taming Corporate Title; Second Straight Victory

September 15, 2011
MOLINE, IL - Team Crawford Company won its second straight Taming of The Slough, Corporate Division, title Saturday at Bass Street Landing. The team consisted of Jim Wischhusen, Erik Swanson, and Terry Cahill. Wischhusen started the relay off with a solid effort in the kayak, Swanson followed on the mountain bike, and Cahill anchored the effort in the run.
Seven teams competed in the event.
The team results follow:
1. Crawford Co., 1:39:06
2. Applestone Homes, 1:39:35
3. Tarpiens, 1:41:37
4. Badlands, 1:45:37
5. Ruhl and Ruhl, 1:53:19
6. Dispatch-Argus, 1:58:23
7. Nichols Aluminum, 2:19:08