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AC RENEW Added to Crawford’s Comfort Product Line

May 29, 2012
ROCK ISLAND, IL - Crawford Company has added A/C RENEW, from Nu-Calgon, to the Comfort Products offering.
From A/C Re-New's website:

A/C Re-New improves the lubrication in the compressor of you air conditioner and system's heat transfer capability so that it will blow colder air. As a result, air conditioners with A/C Re-New will run less, use less electricity, last longer, and run quieter. See the Efficiency Loss Due to Oil Build Up graph below. With the cost of energy rising every year on average of 3% per year, doesn't it make sense to reduce long-term consumption without sacrificing your lifestyle?
A/C Re-New is a remarkable breakthrough in lubrication technology for residential and commercial air conditioning systems that dramatically improves the performance and efficiency of your unit. It is a synthetic oil that is injected into your air conditioner and mixes with the system's existing oil and refrigerant to reduce friction and wear in the compressor and to improve the heat transfer characteristics.